We are a year-round competitive swim club providing education in the sport of swimming to athletes of all ages. Through training and guidance, swimmers have the opportunity to develop lifelong skills needed to attain their goals in a fun and safe environment and in accordance with the standards, rules and regulations of USA Swimming, Inc.

The North Coast Swim Club Dolphins are a non-profit organization made up of ALL the parents, a few volunteers, and sponsors of the North Coast Swim Club. This group helps all aspects of the TEAM operate smoothly. The club relies heavily on the participation of its members (parents and swimmers) in a variety of tasks. These include, but are not limited to: helping at home swim meets, fundraising, election to the Board of Directors, registering as an official for swim meets, helping with social events, working on planning or other committees, and planning “fun” activities for the swimmers.

The club operates according to adopted bylaws, has a handbook (New Handbook Coming Soon), annual elections, and monthly board meetings which are open to all members. There are five elected Board Members. Positions include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Club Development Officer and Treasurer. Positions on the board are filled for a term of two years with half of the board positions voted in on even years and the rest voted in on odd years; this allows for continuity in the club’s framework.Dolphin logo295 small

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